5 reasons for Silberquarzit in private villas

With natural materials such as wood and stone, you create a natural and pleasant atmosphere in living spaces. But which natural stones are practical and which ones can be used where? Someone spills a full glass, an object falls on the floor and in the bathroom the calcareous water steams from heat - especially in living areas, the materials used should withstand life.

There is a stone that, with its properties, meets the requirements of practical and at the same time stylish use. Silberquarzit from South Tyrol almost has the hardness of a diamond due to the history of its formation in the depths of the Periadriatic seam. We show you five characteristics that make him a perfectionist for high-quality houses.


1. A desert for microbes

Bacteria, fungi and germs don't stand a chance on Silberquarzit. The high density of Silberquarzit and its layers of mica prevent water from penetrating. This means that Silberquarzit represents a desert for microbes and prevents them from spreading.


2. Spots are unknown to him

Spilled a glass of red wine on the Silberquarzit light? Oils and other liquids simply roll off Silberquarzit. A simple wipe and the liquid is already removed without leaving any residue.


3. Silberquarzit is here to stay

The South Tyrolean natural stone is robust and durable. Its use is intended for an unlimited period of time. Experience has shown that its appearance remains the same; Silberquarzit withstands acids, salts, weathering and heavy pressure.


4. Silver shine for elegant rooms

In addition to all its practical properties, Silberquarzit also looks elegant. Its layers of mica ensure a silvery sheen. Its natural color palette ranges from white to beige to light and dark grey.


5. Flexible use thanks to variety

Thanks to its properties, Silberquarzit can be used flexibly both indoors and outdoors and is available in a wide variety of different formats. You can get polygonal slabs, floor slabs, baseboards, steps, window sills, kitchen worktops and even block steps and boulders for landscaping from our quarry in Val di Vizze.


More information at silberquarzit.eu


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