Prevent algae growth with Silberquarzit

To prevent algae growth, the phosphate content in the natural pool must be as low as possible. But very few natural materials for biopool construction are low in phosphate. The natural stone Silberquarzit, on the other hand, is different:

Silberquarzit has a phosphorus content of less than 6 MG P / Kg

This property is confirmed by Ö Norm L 1128. This makes the natural stone particularly suitable for swim pond construction and for use in natural bathing facilities.

A worldwide favorite for natural pool construction

The low phosphorus content and other properties make Silberquarzit popular worldwide. Acid, salt, weather or light - Silberquarzit withstands everything. That makes it particularly easy to maintain. In addition, it is almost waterproof, non-slip and it prevents bacterial colonization.

Are you interested?

In addition to the properties and quality of the natural stone Silberquarzit, pond builders benefit from the wide range of colors and fast delivery directly from their own quarry in South Tyrol.

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