Silberquarzit as a sustainable natural stone

It meets the demands of a sustainable natural stone like no other. It received these properties from Mother Earth: Silberquarzit, the hardest natural stone next to diamonds, comes from the Adriatic Sea in the Tauern Window and was formed there around 250 million years ago under high pressure. Its occurrence extends over more than a hundred years. But what are the properties of this natural stone do and why is it so sustainable?

His profile answers these questions:

The profile of the Silberquarzit

Age: more than 250 million years

Place of origin: Val di Vizze in South Tyrol, therefore short transport routes in the Alps

Production: Climate-neutral production thanks to a photovoltaic system and hydroelectric power plant

Density: 2.65 t/m

Characteristics: Thanks to its high density, Silberquarzit is robust and has a low absorption. This makes it resistant to salt, acid and weather conditions. This also makes it easy to care for and durable.

Places of use: diverse and flexible - kitchen, bathroom, stairs, outdoor area, facade, pools and more

Appearance: glossy sheen, shades of white, beige and gray

Life expectancy: infinite, Silberquarzit can be removed and reused


With its robustness and longevity, Silberquarzit is one of the most sustainable, if not the most sustainable natural stone. Use it to create not only sustainable living space, but also a natural atmosphere.




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