The hardest natural stone next to diamond

Take advantage of the stability of Silberquarzit


Next to diamond, Silberquarzit is the hardest type of stone nature has to offer. Silberquarzit’s hardness is largely attributable to its composition: It is 95 percent quartz. This makes this natural stone one of the genuine quartzites, which boast a hardness level of 7. Silberquarzit also features mica scale deposits made of muscovite – the most stable mica available. The advantage of the extreme hardness of Silberquarzit: You can use custom formats with precise cuts thanks to the diamond saw.

Use the high density of Silberquarzit to your advantage


The quartzite combined with muscovite micas are what lend Silberquarzit its high density. As revealed through DIN 52102 testing, Silberquarzit has a bulk density of 2.65 t/m³. This means that Silberquarzit does not absorb liquids. According to DIN 52103, the water absorption of Silberquarzit is only 0.22 percent by weight. This makes Silberquarzit the natural stone of choice in a number of different living areas: Whether in the bath, outdoors or even in the kitchen – stains are a thing of the past. Red wine and other liquids can be wiped away without any residue.

Construct buildings that will last an eternity


Its hardness and density make Silberquarzit an exceptionally robust natural stone that can stand up to any weather. It is a desert for moss, mold and bacteria – nothing can form on its surface. Silberquarzit is a genuine stone that is easy to clean and will continue to look amazing after decades or even centuries of use. All standard tests confirm the longevity of Silberquarzit:

  • Weathering resistant according to DIN 52104 - B
  • Salt resistant according to DIN 52111 - A
  • Acid resistant according to DIN 52206
  • Pressure resistant according to DIN 52105: 288.7 Mpa
  • Wear test according to DIN 52108: 4.3 cm³/50 cm²

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What do Matteo Thun, the Ostertag Architects and Niki Szilagy all have in common? They have completed projects with Silberquarzit. Matteo Thun built the Vigilius Mountain Resort in South Tyrol. The Ostertag Architects planned the Langen am Arlberg train station. Niki Szilagy worked as a designer for the interior of the Wald- und Schlosshotel Friedrichsruhe in Zweiflingen-Friedrichsruhe in Germany. Whether for a small private mansion or major architectural projects such as the Intercontinental Davos Resort or the Plessi Museum on the Brenner Pass – Silberquarzit is a genuine stone that is coveted the world over.


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