Silberquarzit never changes

Robust, resistant and easy to clean


The high density and hardness of Silberquarzit make it weather resistant and robust. It stands up to frost just as well as acids and salts. You can even care for it using a high-pressure cleaner. But patios built with Silberquarzit slabs rarely require cleaning or care, as Silberquarzit is inhospitable to moss and mold. Its high density makes it a dessert for microbes. Anyone who uses Silberquarzit in the garden in walls, fountains, stairs or paving stones can be certain that they will retain their appearance for years to come. Silberquarzit will neither age nor decay due to weather – this genuine stone will retain its original brilliance forever.

Silberquarzit quality standards:

  • Weathering resistant according to DIN 52104 - B
  • Salt resistant according to DIN 52111 - A
  • Acid resistant according to DIN 52206
  • Pressure resistant according to DIN 52105: 288.7 Mpa
  • Wear test according to DIN 52108: 4.3 cm³/50 cm²

Flexible to use


Design your garden with the lightly shimmering natural stone, Silberquarzit. Whether walls, stairs, paths or fountains – Silberquarzit can be used flexibly anywhere. Its hardness makes it possible to cut it into different formats, including mosaics and polygonal slabs, using a diamond saw.

Gardening and landscaping products:

  • Tiles, format panels
  • Block steps
  • Curbstones, wall stones
  • Boulders
  • Fountains, well stones

Landscaping that shines


Silberquarzit is very popular in landscaping applications thanks to its unique properties. The natural stone is already in use at the Das Tegernsee Hotel, the Franciscan Garden of the Sießen Monastery in Bad Saulgau and the gardens of a number of private mansions.

Bring timeless brilliance to your gardens with Silberquarzit


Take advantage of the hard, robust and easy-to-clean Silberquarzit and its shimmering appearance. We are happy to consult with you on your project and put you in touch with a branch office near you.