Pure enjoyment with Silberquarzit

The very best for wellness centers and spas combined in a single natural stone


What properties should a material have to be suited for use in a wellness center or spa? It must be waterproof, withstand salt and chlorine, it must be possible to keep hygienically clean, it should be as easy to care for as possible and, ideally, it should also have a natural appearance. Silberquarzit combines all of these attributes in a single natural stone. What’s more, it also offers a wide range of design options.

Fluids remain on the surface


Silberquarzit’s high density makes this genuine stone virtually waterproof: According to DIN 52103, the water absorption of Silberquarzit is only 0.22 percent by weight. This means that Silberquarzit has the lowest water absorption rate of any natural stone, so it doesn’t stain and water can simply be wiped off the surface. Silberquarzit can even be cleaned with a high-pressure cleaner thanks to its high density and extreme hardness.

Bacteria don’t stand a chance


Whether athlete’s foot, bacteria or germs – these microbes have no way of spreading Silberquarzit. A test conducted by the Landesgewerbeanstalt (LGA) Bayern (Bavarian quality control authority for structural analysis) showed this: Silberquarzit is a desert for microbes. They cannot form on its surface. The test compared different rock types and subjected them to high temperatures and humidity for 14 days. Only Silberquarzit and the negative control with glass had no discernible bacteria or fungal growth.

Resistant in any area


Are you building a sauna? Planning a salt water pool? Are chlorine or other hygiene chemicals essential for your pool? You can rely on Silberquarzit in any area. Its hardness makes it especially resistant to weather, robust, easy to clean and durable. A variety of tests confirm that it is both resistant to salt (DIN 52111 - A) and resistant to acid (DIN 52206). This makes it an appealing material for use in any area.

Prevents slipping


The risk of slipping increases when the floor is wet – but not when it is made of Silberquarzit. This genuine stone is known for its non-slip properties, even in wet and barefoot areas. This was confirmed by the DIN 51130 standard that examined the non-slip properties of various materials, and the DIN 51097 standard, that tested materials in barefoot areas at specific tilt angles.

A safe and elegant solution for your wellness center or spa


A number of spas like the Balneum in Sterzing in South Tyrol and wellness centers at renowned hotels such as the Vigilius Mountain Resort have already been built using Silberquarzit. After all, this real stone not only offers numerous advantages thanks to its unique properties, it also looks great. Its mica components lend it a sophisticated shine. Silberquarzit is available in different finishes, grain patterns and shades.


Use Silberquarzit to bring a touch of nature to your wellness center

Silberquarzit is a natural product that is perfect for wellness centers. We are happy to advise you on the wide range of design options available to you and put you in touch with a dealer near you.