Boulders make a big statement in your garden


Powerful and massive natural stone boulders

Rock expresses strength and its irregular shape symbolizes naturalness and authenticity. A boulder makes a statement in gardens or outdoor areas. They work well in greenspaces, at the end of a driveway or at the entrance to a residence. Natural stone boulders are also ideal as well stones or for fountains. Our plant in Pfunders offers a wide range of rock boulders of various shapes and sizes. We can provide you with boulders that include a base and we even offer engraving. Please contact us about the many services and options that are available to you.


Application areas

Boulders are frequently used in gardening and landscaping.


Our expertise for your natural stone project. We take care of the entire process from consulting, planning, delivery and installation. Find out more about our services and product groups for your application.


We have completed projects throughout the world, furnishing both the interior and exterior (including landscaping) of buildings such as museums, villas and hotels with our natural stone products.