Sustainable Building
for the environment, for the future

Responsible use of resources is important to us. For this reason, we make sure that we produce the energy that we need for the production of our natural stones in South Tyrol ourselves, based on renewable energies. But that's not all: we feed the excess energy into the power grid, so that we can make our contribution to the energy supply of the people in South Tyrol.


Our energy balance


Photovoltaic system in Pfunders: 450,000 KWh/year

+ Hydroelectric power station in Pfitsch: 1,500,000 KWh/year

- Energy consumption: 750,000 KWh/year


Energy surplus: 1.2 million kWh/year


Our facilities

The cycle of our natural stones

The stock of natural stones in our quarries has grown over millions of years. The occurrence lasts for more than a hundred years, our need for the existing resources is low. The advantage of natural stones: They are easy to maintain and therefore the costs for cleaning are very low. The lifespan of natural stone is several hundred years. Processed natural stones can also be reprocessed by honing and sandblasting; this means that they can be reused for other buildings. When disposing of the natural stones, we return them to the natural material cycle in the form of ornamental stone and chippings with only little transport and energy consumption. When mining is complete and our quarries are closed, they will be rehabilitated; so they become a biotope and serve as a habitat for rare plant and animal species. In this way, something is given back to nature as compensation for the quarrying.

Code of Ethics and Conduct

Grünig Natursteine has established a Code of Ethics and Conduct to ensure long-term compliance with our social responsibility and fundamental principles in all activities of the company.